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We are a private, corporate, union and non-profit entity that works for a more prosperous region that generates a better quality of life for its inhabitants.

The Chamber of Industrial Hemp of Paraguay was founded and legally constituted on February 3, 2020.

Being included in the Latin American Industrial Hemp Association (LAIHA) on June 5, 2020.

With the purpose between both associations the care of the environment and help our small farmers and industrialists to include a new raw material to be used in their developments and products.

Mission, Vision y Value

We are Members of LAIHA

Paraguay is an official member by CCIP at LAIHA

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Hemp Guarani is the social seal of the hemp industrialization project in Paraguay, where companies associated with the Chamber of Industrial Hemp of Paraguay support family farming through pre-commercial planting, seeking new planting options for thousands of families and associations. of peasant and indigenous farmers.


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The Hemp

Hemp or Cannabis sativa L. has been and still is currently the subject of many scientific approach and publications made from very different perspectives. One of them is the medical and pharmacological industry who is interested in its enormous therapeutic potential to be developed and also the agronomist sector who is interested in the promising economic benefits of its agricultural exploitation.
Its cultivation has always been appreciated and valued by farmers since it is not an excessively demanding crop, it presents excellent conditions to incorporate into cultivation rotations, it hardly has incompatibilities with the crops that precede it and it is the ideal antecedent leaving the soil in good condition. Also, the rapid growth prevents weeds from developing avoiding the expense of cleaning the land. For all these benefits, some subsequent crops could improve their production up to 30%


The seed is develop inside an achene (dry product that contains a single seed, with the outer shell independent of it) without the albumen, the seed is 3-6 mm long and 2.5-4 mm wide, is oval in shape, and varies in color from brown to grayish, or mottled, it also has a hard pericarp made up of two welded leaflets, the weight of the seed would be between 3 and 60 mg, generally ranging between 15 – 20 mg.


The leaves vary in shape and size according to their position on the stem and the sex of the plant. They are opposite in almost ¾ parts of the stem, until the phyllotaxis change occurs, which coincides with the insertion of the inflorescence, then they become alternate.

The first leaves are webbed and have only one leaflet but as the plant grows the number of these increases.


The male flowers are branched, they have 5 sepals of yellow and/or purple color, a greater number of long lax bracts and form auxiliary panicles. Once the flower matures, they open, leaving 5 stamens with their hanging longitudinal dehiscence binocular anthers that generate a large amount of pollen.

The female flowers are broad-leaved, short and very grouped, simulating the shape of a spike.

Textile Manufacturing

The finest and best quality fibers are used to make clothes, from lingerie to jeans.

Food uses

The extraordinary nutritional properties of hemp seeds allow us to enrich our dishes with a high content of Omega 3 and 6.


Well in bricks, replacing asbestos in the manufacture of insulating plates, mixed with cement to lighten the weight, among others

Paper making

Hemp paper is produced in the same way as plain paper, but using pulp from hemp plants instead of trees.


On the market there are many ways to present CBD, such as oils, pills, creams, tinctures, etc.
Almost 50% of the world hemp oil market is concentrated in the food and nutritional supplement industry.

Needs of Cultivation

Hemp is known to be a crop capable of adapting to a multitude of crop rotations.

Optimal temperature

The Optimal temperature for seed germination is 24ºC, although this can occur at temperatures of 0ºC. For germination to occur, a thermal sum of 90ºC is required with a threshold temperature of 0ºC. From the emergence of the plant, the growth and emission of new leaves occurs when they accumulate approximately 22ºC with a threshold temperature of 5, 7ºC

Crop Cycle

The duration of the hemp development cycle is variable, the first cultivars require between 110 and 130 days from the appearance of the seedlings to the flower, while the very late cultivars require between 160 and 180 days


It has to be cultivated in a deep and very humid soil, because in any circumstance it likes water and humidity. Hemp is suitable for excellent and well-fertilized soils, and adds that it is not sown but in good quality fresh / wet soil, which guarantees that the plant will sprout and that dry land is purposely good quality, juicy, flat and neighboring to river since the hemp seed is one of the seeds that penetrate the earth a lot to attract its substance, leaving it exhausted. That is why there are many of opinion, that this land be sterilized so that it can be planted in the next year, because that is how everything entrusted

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