Mission, Vision and Value

MISSION: Promote industrial hemp in Paraguay, communicating the benefits that it entails and joining companies or people who wish to be linked in the field, be it in production, marketing or distribution, and in this way unite those interested in the companies involved, obtaining benefits for both parties, generating a social benefit.

VISION: To be the only union that legally represents the Hemp industries in Paraguay, promoting and defending their trade, helping economic growth, the development of small farmers and caring for the environment.


  • Transparency and fairness.
  • Sustainability
  • Innovative and creative culture.
  • Proximity and inclusive attitude with our socio-economic environment.

Learn about the benefits of joining the Paraguayan Industrial Hemp Chamber.

  • Union Representation:

Defend the interests of affiliates in scenarios where public policy for the industrial hemp industry is built and discussed, with a view to the legal security of affiliates and investors.

  • Regulatory and legal framework:

Provide general information and constant update on national legislation on industrial cannabis.

  • Social and environmental responsibility:

We promote this through job creation

Support for social security.

Support for good agricultural and manufacturing practices.

  • New business development:

Help companies interested in the hemp industry in Paraguay and the world to know and understand the different business models and opportunities existing in the current industry.

Cámara de Cáñamo Industrial Py