Post Grid

Creating custom Responsive Post Grids with Fortuna is a breeze! Fully customize the looks of your grids, add them to any page, filter the items you want to display, manage the output and sub-items displayed like date, image, excerpt, Read More link etc. Check out some of the modification options below as well as a few examples further down the page.


What elements to show (Pic, Title, Excerpt, Date, Link etc.)
Regular/Boxed style presets
Image Hover Effect (4 Style Presets available)
Grid column count (4 Style Presets available)
Date Style Presets (2 Style Presets available)
Custom Query/Filter for the Items displayed
Total Items in Grid
Spacing between items (None, Small and Large)
CSS animation of the items
Category Query Filter
Order and Order By clauses
Overwrite image size

Post Grid Example #1

Entrevista realizada por el equipo periodístico de @uno650am

Les presentamos la entrevista realizada por el equipo periodístico de @uno650am a nuestro presidente ...

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No te pierdas la entrevista con nuestro Presidente el Sr Pablo Moreira.

Estamos en comunicación con Pablo Moreira, presidente de la Cámara de Cáñamo Industrial. ...

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